The Synergy Wardrobe


Our grand vision is to make the most versatile clothes on the planet. Our clothes keep you mobile, comfortable and impeccably dressed. To achieve this we follow these three simple rules:

  • We only make 100 % functional clothes
  • We only create classic designs
  • All clothes must be interchangeable

We call it the The Synergy Wardrobe.

We believe our clothes will 

  • make you more active in your everyday life. Walk or run home in the rain if you miss the bus, instead of waiting for the next one. Jump a fence instead of walking around. Climb a mountain although you forgot your climbing outfit. 
  • allow you to have fewer clothes and help you cut clutter, save space and packing for travels easy.
  • make dressing like a gentleman a walk in the park.  

With our Synergy Wardrobe, you are ready. Always.