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Lynx Laboratory is uncompromising in making the best products, both in terms of functionality and design. We will keep chasing improvements in materials, function and cuts. As all laboratories, we need some lab rats to test out new ideas and solutions. If you are interested in testing out our prototypes and new fabric technologies, sign up to our Lab Rat Program and tick the box to sign up for product testing. How to sign up? Well, that is your first challenge in the Lab :-) Hint: Bottom left on this web page. Good luck!

Product testing

Sign up and you are automatically an Apprentice in the Lynx Lab. At the same time apply to become a product tester. If accepted, you will have access to our monthly Test Product Drops. Get free products for testing, and give us your feedback.


Don't keep Lynx to yourself - spread the word and invite your friends to join! 


Earn more points - or Pellets - for different actions, and turn those Pellets into nice rewards!

WAYS TO Spend points

Spend your points on buying clothes in our shop!