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MARCH prototype testing

cipher sweater

With all honesty, making a sweater has been a pain in the a** from day one(!). We want to create a sweater that works as a "midweight baselayer". It should be possible to wear next to the skin (so it must be silky smooth and handle sweat well) - we think we have figured that part out. The tricky part is getting the fabric not too thick. Our testing has been as follows: Can the sweater be worn separately on a hot summer evening? And could the same sweater work well as a midlayer over a shirt on cooler days? Needless to say, the sweater must not look too technical (even though the fabric is highly so). 

We would like YOUR opinion!

We have sweater samples in three styles: Hoodie, Crew neck and half zip. Warning: A sample is a half finished product, so the details will be a bit off, as will the color. Only available in size L. 5 pcs in total.

How to get it

1. At the moment only available to "Pro Testers"

2. The first 5 of you to respond will receive a sweater to test.

3. It will cost you 100 pellets to get a sweater.

4. You get 100 Pellets back when submitting a review after the testing.


1. Use the product for at least 10 days.

2. Use in as many different settings as possible.

3. Pay attention to how the product looks and feels.

5. When you have completed the test, you will receive a review form that must be submitted.


6. You can keep the product when the test is over. 

7. Send pictures if the product is damaged in any way (tear, pilling etc)