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We started this enterprise because we believe there are fundamental flaws in how the fashion industry works – and in how people dress. 
It all began with a picture on our grandfather’s wall.
Einar is an amazing man, who has lived an adventurous life, traveling the globe as an oil pioneer, searching for black gold in the most remote places on the planet. One of our favourite pictures of him is on a mountaintop wearing a business suit. He and his colleague, after a meeting in Davos, spontaneously decided to go for a hike in the Swiss Alps, of their troubles getting down the mountain. We loved the spontaneity, the carpe diem attitude.
Maybe we inherited some of his madness. In our first trip into the Norwegian mountains without our parents, we spent a week trekking around in the rain and wind wearing totally unsuitable clothing: cotton chinos, cotton T-shirts, jeans and semi-waterproof jackets. 
That was how we learned – the hard way – that fashionable clothes are not functional ... and that fashion changes ... and that a group of healthy 14-year-old boys smoking pipes looks a bit weird...
Different clothes take us to different places. We are led onto different paths. Think about it. Just wearing your running gear makes you want to run. And how stiff do you become when wearing a tuxedo (what is 007’s tux made of?!). We get used to limitations.
We started talking about why everyday clothing so completely lacked functional properties. The problem was, as we saw it, rooted in the sports and fashion industry’s whole way of making and selling clothes. One jacket for sports, one for rainy days, one for windy days and one for looking good? The reason was obvious: to sell more jackets. But technically, we thought it would be possible to make one jacket that was suitable for everything. 
It took us some time to realize we had to make these clothes ourselves. We set ourselves the goal of making the most versatile clothes on the planet. A compact wardrobe that would fit in a small carry-on suitcase and would be right for all types of weather, activities and occasions. The idea of the Synergy Wardrobe was born. We quit our jobs, and went all in.
And then the work began...
Understanding technical specifications is a good start when making technical clothing. However, textile producers have different ways of testing and documenting their products, usually to make the specs look good. Have you been soaked in your "waterproof" jacket while hiking in the rain? Thought so. If the seams and the zippers aren´t done right, you will get wet. 
We learnt the hard way that there is only one way to know for sure how well something performs: by thorough testing in a real-life environment. Our clothes are made for everyday life. Urban outdoor. What if your everyday life could be a bit more exciting and physically challenging? Our clothes are supposed to let you. So, we tested them by doing the "extreme" activities we like doing: hiking, running, bicycling, climbing, skiing, swimming, yoga… everything. All over the world. That’s really the only test that really matters to us. 
Good memories and stories are not made while sitting behind the computer or inside a hotel room. We hope our clothes will improve your life a little. Make every day an adventure. In the months to come, we will show you how we test our garments in our field testing tours.
Petter & Marius