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When we made the Trigger T-Shirt, our ambition was to make a rock solid piece of garment that could be used week after week without needing any care. We think it works! But one thing amazes us: Not all men are created equal when it comes to sweating. Not only do some men sweat more than others, but some mens' sweat actually affects the fabric in mysterious ways! So we want to challenge you: 

For how many days can you wear the t-shirt and stay fresh? 

How to get it

1. Available for Product Testers and Pro Testers.

2. When the countdown above is over, you are in on the race by submitting the information below.

3. The first 10 of you to respond will receive a t-shirt!

4. It will cost you 100 pellets to get a free t-shirt.


5. You get 100 Pellets back when submitting a review after the testing.

6. You get additional 50 Pellets for each picture you share on instagram, tagging it #lynxchallenge, max 200 Pellets per tester


1. Use the t-shirt for as many days running as possible.

2. Use while doing all types of your daily activity.


3. Don't wash it! 

4. Note how many days before you feel the t-shirt is too dirty or smelly to use. 

5. You will receive a review form to fill in.


6. Keep the t-shirt!