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30 days / 250 pellets



If you need clothes for a special occasion (lets say a date on Mt Everest, your grandmothers wedding or something special like that) our Borrow Pool is here to help you out! You can borrow a Decoy Blazer & Chinos (aka "The Combat Suit") and an Asset Coat. The only thing we would like in return except from the clothes, is a truthful review!

If you are one of those who uses a Blazer just once a year, we would not recommend you buying one (but we would seriously recommend you dressing up a bit more often ;-) It's seriously a waste of your money and globes resources. Instead we let you borrow clothes for a month without any cost - you just spend 250 of your not so hard earned Pellets.

How to get it

1. Available for Product Testers and Pro Testers.

2. Borrowing one garment will cost you 250 Pellets.

2. Keep the packaging and the return slip. Return the clothes after 30 days. 

3. You get 250 Pellets back when the clothes is returned and a review has been submitted.



Tell us what you want to borrow!