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Raven Shirt

999,00 kr 1.999,00 kr saving 1.000,00 kr
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Raven Shirt

999,00 kr 1.999,00 kr saving 1.000,00 kr
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A soft, strong and thermoregulating shirt optimized for use all year round. Our air-forged nylon knit, is beautifully soft and remarkably dry to the touch. Combined with super 4-way stretch gives radical comfort. Tailored for movement and long journeys. No ironing and can be worn for days without washing.

Between the visible buttons there are invisible push buttons that gives you a sharp placket, and no gaping holes that show skin and hair. 

The Raven shirt has been tested in all conditions, from the hottest deserts to mountain climbing in the Himalayas. It`s worn by travellers, bicycling commuters and bodyguards around the world. It works perfectly for those who just want a care free and comfortable shirt, as well. 

The 4th generation Raven shirt has an improved collar, reinforced push buttons and an overall quality improvement in the stitching work. The top stitches on collar and cuffs counts 7 stitches per inch- just what you expect from a luxury shirt. 

The fabric is exactly the same as the previous generations. A "stretch Double Face fine knit" from our partners in France: Sofileta. The Raven cloth, keeps impressing with its fantastic qualities. Its breathability, fastdryingness and incredible comfort makes it hard to believe that it looks so sharp and elegant. On top of that, it protects your skin from the sun with 50+SPF. 


  • Hidden push buttons
  • High quality stitching: 7 stitches per inch 
  • Improved quality of buttons
  • No need for ironing
  • Odeur free
  • Sun protection 50+ SPF

Customer Reviews

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Raven shirt

Sitter som et skudd og er utrolig behagelig. At du slipper å stryke gjør valget enkelt. Bruker medium (182cm 78kg)

En meget behagelig hverdagsskjorte

Skjorten er lett og bevegelig. Grunnet stoffets gode egenskaper er det synlig på særlig snippen at dette ikke er en skjorte som kan gå til alle anledninger, men som hverdagsskjorte er den perfekt! Liker veldig godt detaljen med trykk knapper mellom knappene. Anbefales!

Overraskende behagelig

Skjorten var overraskende behagelig å ha på. Var nesten ikke til å tro hvor lett og bevegelig den var.

Best shirt for warm weather

This shirt was fantastic in warm weather, did not get the usual sweaty arm pits. Highly recommended!

I love my Raven shirts

Highly comfortable, easy washable and great fitting and looking.