Decoy Chinos / Navy Blue

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Decoy Chinos / Navy Blue
Decoy Chinos / Navy Blue
Decoy Chinos / Navy Blue
Decoy Chinos / Navy Blue
Decoy Chinos / Navy Blue
Decoy Chinos / Navy Blue

A 21st century piece of work wear. Made from the most exclusive tech fabric around: Our thoroughly tested Decoy Gabardine. With a structure, stretch and snap that must be worn to comprehend.

Clean and classy enough to wear to the office, yet rugged enough to take a beating if some real work needs to get done.

Designed for movement and built to last.



  • Swiss Rutenium metal zippers on front pockets and fly zipper
  • 2 buttoned back pockets
  • Italian pocket lining - fast drying and soft to the touch
  • Real mother of pearl buttons
  • Hand sewn top stitches
  • Visible reflective lynx pattern on bottom leg turn up
  • Reflective centre back belt loop
  • Secured buttons
Take a look at the pants in action here

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    Decoy Chinos / Navy Blue
    Decoy Chinos / Navy Blue
    Decoy Chinos / Navy Blue
    Decoy Chinos / Navy Blue
    Decoy Chinos / Navy Blue
    Decoy Chinos / Navy Blue

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 55 reviews
    Almost perfect

    I have had my Decoy chinos since december 2018, and these are probably the most comfortable and versatile pants i have ever owned! There are only two minor setbacks that stops me from changing out my wardrobe completely with only these pants. the first thing are the zippers in the pockets which are uncomfortable if you like to walk around with your hands in the pockets. however, this is only a minor issue. the second thing is the sizes. I own a L which is perfect with regards to both length and fit in general. however, I have somewhat muscular thighs and legs but a very slim waist and the waist line of the pants are therefore to wide. Of course this is easily solved by wearing a belt, however I would much preferred if I didnt have to. Thus, the two things required (in my opinion) to optimize the pants would be 1. to do something with the sharp zippers, and most importantly 2. to make some adjustments to the waistline of the pants either by adding an elastic waist knit or a drawstring.

    Expectations exceeded

    Not much to say - the pants are all they promise to and some. Now I wait for the Bungee Cord in medium to come in stock.

    No better pants for the urban warrior

    These are the only pants you need for city life. Any season. Comfortable. Can go from the office to a party. Rain or sun. The old version had pockets which were a bit too small to use often, but now they are perfect. All men should own a pair.


    High expectations after reading about these pants - and they did not disappoint. The return slip was thrown away as soon as the pants were on. Perfect for my normal days: office, but occasional visit to the workshop, or playing around with my kids.
    Comfy but still dressed up for most occasions.
    Only downside is zippers on the front pockets. Scratches phone and is not needed for my use.

    Great service, my first pair had minor quality issues, replacements were on their way same day.

    Incredibly comfy pants!

    They look good. You can use them around the office, no worries. But you can get a lot of other pants to use around the office. The difference is in the fact that these pants really feel like sweats. Incredibly comfy. However, I wish they didn't have zippers on the pockets, as they get in the way and scratch my hands.