Decoy Blazer / Navy Blue

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Decoy Blazer / Navy Blue
Decoy Blazer / Navy Blue
Decoy Blazer / Navy Blue
Decoy Blazer / Navy Blue
Decoy Blazer / Navy Blue
Decoy Blazer / Navy Blue
Decoy Blazer / Navy Blue
Decoy Blazer / Navy Blue

A 21st century piece of work wear. Made from the most exclusive tech fabric around: Our thoroughly tested Decoy Gabardine. With a structure, stretch and snap that must be worn to comprehend. Clean and classy enough to wear to the office, yet rugged enough to take a beating if some real work needs to get done. A metal front zipper allows you to close the jacket all the way up, taking the blazer back to it’s functional roots. 



  • ¼ lined with an Italian fine elastic jersey
  • real shell buttons
  • 8 working buttons on sleeves
  • metal zipper for full front closure
  • hand sewn topstitches
  • 2 inner pockets with zips
  • 3 front pockets
  • reflective lynx pattern under collar
Take a look at the blazer in acton here
    Decoy Blazer / Navy Blue
    Decoy Blazer / Navy Blue
    Decoy Blazer / Navy Blue
    Decoy Blazer / Navy Blue
    Decoy Blazer / Navy Blue
    Decoy Blazer / Navy Blue
    Decoy Blazer / Navy Blue
    Decoy Blazer / Navy Blue

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 8 reviews

    Comfortable, good looking and functional It's everything I need. Close to perfection!

    Great jacket

    Yup - you can look good, and also have a functional jacket. It´s not for the real formal occasions, but will make you look more stylish than most (maybe not the investment bankers - but who cares?). Great for travelling, when you need to pack light, and need to be prepared for different settings. Fabric dries really quickly if it gets wet, and it is windproof. However, it is not warm.

    It only gets four stars because it needs a hanging loop, and the excess fabric inside the arms is a but annoying. Should be simple to fix, so I'm sure new models will handle this.


    The most comfortable blazer there is!

    Decoy Blazer

    The Decoys and Raven.
    Ive been useing the Decoy Blazer, Chinos and Raven shirt for about 9 months now and honestly, Im quite happy with the suit.
    I have used the outfit in places like a wedding, riding my motorcycle down the highway in Norway, at a rainy gardenparty, and a night out with the guys. My point is, it works!
    A suit that breath on hot summerdays, keeps the wind out on stormy days, keeps you dry when it rains, and looks good in a wedding, its the ultimate outfint!
    If your looking for a "stand out" from the crowd outfit, to use on a hikingtrip, or you just want the most technical outfint to wear in any situation where you need to be nicely dressed, this is highly recommended.
    On approvement its the quality of the sewns I need to mention. Im experienceing some lose ends now and then.

    The perfect blazer?

    Like for the pant, I am inclined to say it is.. I use it for work, formal occasions, when I travel and when I want to just dress up a little. I'll pair it with the Lynx jeans or other jeans for that rugged look fairly often as I try to match my wife when we run errands on Saturdays. I have had some ridiculously long days in it in blistering hot weather and I still feel fresh at the end of them. Like the Raven shirt, it moves with me when I move almost like a part of me. My wife likes the Decoy suit so much on me she says it almost looks like it was designed for me. I love it!

    The special features like the built in safety of the reflective details and the zipper complement the thought behind it nicely. I do not foresee me buying a different suit ever again.

    I have it (the complete set) in blue and bungee. I am waiting for the black pants to come back in stock and I will be sorted in that color too.
    Having said that, I also have the original blazer. It is a bit heavier, the outer fabric needs a bit more attention to prevent it from showing signs of wear, but that too is a great bit of kit.

    I have had it since release and love all of it!

    I am eagerly awaiting the pocket liner with the Lynx logo so that it is a bit more flashy when I pull it out. Also, sometimes I fumble and catch my thumb in the sleeve.