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Let it be said right away: Our goal is to make a complete wardrobe for everything, so you can go anywhere and do anything (hold on for a minute, we know it sounds like marketing bs).

You can check out our collection here.

From city life, to skiing and jungle trekking

So we do not make clothes that are only suited for travel (whatever such clothes would look like). But travelling is probably the best all round test to determine the real quality of your wardrobe. You can’t bring everything you own, so versatility is essential. Let us give a real example of what’s possible: From hiking in the world's hottest desert, via freeskiing in Japan's mountains, to karaoke bars in Tokyo's financial district, to jungel trekking and beach life in Okinawa, or climbing Himalayas Kalla Pattar - all with the same travel wardrobe. Yes, it is done, and we were perfectly comfortable and well dressed for all occasions.

For real proof - check out our instagram feed here. If you still don’t believe us, keep on reading.

The art is in the balance

How is this possible? Well, basically we are spending most of our time developing and testing fabrics. Choosing the right fabrics for the right garment is more of an art than science - technical properties is a good starting point, but real life testing is more than half the job. We are constantly testing our garments in the most extreme environments to make sure we have found the right balance between breathability, quick dry, fabric weight, stretch, abrasion resistance, and last but not least, tactile comfort. Since there are so many individual factors determining your experience, it is not possible to choose one technical property and forget the rest. The art is in the balance.

How we do it

We follow three strict rules when developing our collection:

  1. Everything must fit together (think mixing and matching of colors and styles). ‘Bring few items - have many outfits!" Old visdom for globetrotters.
  2. All clothes must serve a unique functional purpose (you might have heard about the three layer principle, which we apply rigorously to our collection). That means: You do not bring more than one rain coat. So your other jacket must serve other purposes to be included in our collection.
  3. Minimalistic and classic design (if you came to our site expecting to find oversized safari shirts with 32 specialised pockets for passports, soda cans, mosquito nets etc you might be disappointed). This is probably the most ignored advice for travellers - don’t dress like a tourist. You would be amazed to discover how different it is to travel the world looking a bit more dressed up. And since our clothes are super soft and stretchy, there is no reason not to look a bit sharper!

So instead of our 10 best advice for packing for travel, we will give you one: Buy our clothes :-)