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One amazing fact and the key to success

One amazing fact and the key to success

What do Albert Einstein, Mark Zuckerberg and Steve Jobs have in common? Well, except from all being forward-thinkers and highly successful in their respective fields, there is one less obvious thing they share in common! Continue reading to discover the amazing truth and unlock the key towards success!

The other amazing thing they shared in common – they wore almost exactly the same thing every day!

And the key to success we learn from this: Spend your precious time worrying about more important things than what to wear!

Well, it might not be that amazing or even a guaranteed formula for success, but it's an interesting observation nonetheless, and maybe we more regular guys could learn something from the daily habits of these icons.

Lynx started out from a genuine frustration at all the useless stuff we kept in our closets and refused to throw away – often expensive, but ultimately useless garbage now just taking up space. And every day, you have to trawl through all that stuff in your closet to find something to wear. So the clutter is not just in your closet, but also in your brain as well.

Additionally, we felt we wasted time and tormented ourself asking if this or that goes together or if the outfit suits this or that weather, or that particular social setting, or those people. Or even does the outfit look good? Or is it in style right now?

So we created a fashion brand intended to make things easy. We set three rules:
  1. Always functional (so you don’t have to worry about weather or activity)
  2. Always classic (so you don’t have to worry about trends)
  3. Always interchangeable (so you don’t have to worry about combining clothes in a particular way).
We wanted to forget all that and liberate people to focus on the things that are more important.