Make every day an adventure

Dressing up for any weather or occasion is easier than ever with the Lynx Lab Synergy Wardrobe. We make everyday garments for men, made with technical fabrics and functional features. All clothes are sold exclusively in our online store.

Travel anywhere. Do everything.

Walk or run home in the rain if you miss the bus, instead of waiting for the next one. Jump a fence instead of walking around. Climb a mountain although you forgot your climbing outfit. 

Why all clothes should be functional

Why is functional clothing reserved for those few percentages of your life doing sports?

The tale of two brothers who travelled around the world with only 6 pieces of clothing

From hiking in the world's hottest desert, via freeskiing in Japan's mountains to karaoke-partying in Tokyo's financial district. The brothers, Marius and Petter, have travelled to the world's most extreme places with only six pieces of clothing in their backpacks.

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